More and more research is pointing to problems with the balance between the good and bad bacteria in our gut, or our microbiome to give it it’s technical term, being at the root of many health conditions. The next step is identifying how to bring the mirobiome back into balance and one of the most promising fields is faecal transplant, or in simple terms introducing a small amount of poo from someone with a heallthy microbiome into the patient with health problems. I came across this interesting article on the BBC website today which gives a fascinating insight into this and the concept of the so called ” poo super donor ” ! If you think you might make the grade as a super donor and want to find out how good your microbiome is compared to others in the UK, you can find out as well as contributing to important research by joing the British Gut Project. They are bulding a database of the microbial content of people living in the UK, and in return for a donation of £75 (or £125 for two) they send you a kit so that you can take a small sample of your poo and return it in the post. They will then analyse this and give you a report on the state of your microbiome and how diverse it is relative to the rest of the population.